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Michelle Remy

This is an especially beautiful post Ellen! Amazing really...all that incredible mandala work...a wonderful tribute to your teacher! Miss you! x0x0 - M


Mom--I remember when you used to draw these all the time. There was usually some chanting music playing somewhere, and you would let me play on the sheepskin rugs next to your desk in your studio while Yashi slept on that huge ridiculous red velvet couch. What a scene. I felt so safe!


Carol Ross

Yours are the most beautiful mandalas I have ever seen. Breathtakingly beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

Carol Ross

I just noticed your bio above. I too am from and still live in Oregon!

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  • Ellen is an Oregon writer, art journalist, maker of books and teller of tales who has kept written and painted art journals for 25 years. She holds a Ph.D. in English Literature and an MA in Psychology. She trained extensively with the late Judith Cornell in Mandala work. She deeply appreciates the healing power of story and art-making, and has spoken on this theme at many conferences. Most of all, she has loved fairy tales, folklore, and mythology since childhood and enjoys helping others discover their own stories through creative expression.